The Only Thing We Do

At Big Talk, we only do one thing, but we do it well. Our only focus is to help you grow your business by providing you with great marketing to get more leads, customer, and clients into your business.

Sure we use all the fancy tools, you name it. SEO, SEM, PPC, Facebook Ads, etc... but to us they just tools in the grand scheme of things. We believe marketing is to increase the bottom line.

We're not here to win awards, we are here to deliver happiness to our customers.

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Our Process

Step 1


Every business is truly unique, so why do most agency treat you the same as every other business? During our discovery phase, we spend our time to get to know your business, your goals, and the outcome you want.

Step 2

Get Results Now

Why hire an agency that won't get you results. So the way it works with us is simple. During the discover we determine your goal and establish an ROI to aim for. We start a trail period and set a realistic goal and we show you that we can do it.

Step 3

Long Term Strategy

At this stage since we've proven to be able to deliver you should feel more comfortable with our ability. This is where we plan and show you how we can really grow your business in the long term.

Step 4

Optimize and Grow

This is not really step, but every so often, we will make sure our long term plan is still viable, and tweak accordingly.

Conversion Base Website Design

Articles From Our Blog

SEO & Local Search Optimization

Struggling to get more visitors to your site? Our SEO and local search services will open a floodgate of organic visitors to your website. We follow a simple process identify, plan, execute, and dominate.

Google & Facebook Paid Ads

Tired of wasting your money on paid search campaigns that just don't work? Improperly setup Google Adwords and Facebook Ads campaign can cost you thousands of dollars. Leverage our expertise and start increasing your profit instead.

Marketing Automation

Do you have a automated email sales funnel that will turn visitor into paying clients or customer? Our email funnel services can help you or your business automate your follow up and certain sales process.

Website Analytics

Do you know which one of your page is the most visited? Do you know what's stopping people from buying your product or paying for your services? Let us use the right tools to shine a light down the dark tunnel with proper website analytics.

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Don't be fool by unrealistic promises. We're not magic, work with us for 30 days with no obligation, and see the results your self.

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