Mind the Reviews: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Positive Reviews

In this guide, I’m going to reveal to you an unusual approach to getting and managing online reviews from your clients that can skyrocket your success… but first, let us imagine the perfect scenario.

Susan has just moved into to the town and needed to find a new doctor. She made a search on Google and found your website. With a stroke of luck, Susan loved the way you’re presented yourself on your website and decided to book an appointment.

During her visit, Susan felt absolutely at home with your service and discovered that you and she both were fanatics of world culture. Susan felt a natural deep connection with you, your staff, and fell absolutely in love with your practice.

She loved her first visit so much that she decided to tell all her friends and families about her experience. And out of good will and a service to you, she wrote 5 stars positive review on Google and Yelp for you.

But of course as you and I both know… this scenario has just about the same odds of happening as getting struck by lightning.

The Unusual Approach to Getting and Managing Online Reviews

The truth is… while they might adore and love your service; most of your patients are not going to write a review for you. In fact, you’re more likely to receive a negative review from an angry patient whom will stop at nothing to seek vengeance.

Cruel? Unfair? But it is only human nature.

Have you ever purchased something from Amazon that you absolutely adored but never left a review even though Amazon actively reminds you?

On the contrary, have you gotten a product that you had such a terrible experience with and you just can’t wait let the world know exactly how you felt about it?

Any worthwhile reviews are written based on emotions, and a good example of this are the Beatles Albums on Amazon.com. And if you have a minute after reading this guide, I strongly recommend you visit Amazon.com and take a look at the thousands of reviews for any of the Beatles Albums.

What you’ll find is passion…

Rarely will you see generic reviews like: “Great”, “love this album”, “great price, fast shipping” on a Beatles Album. Instead, what you see are raving fans pledging their devotion to the art and music that some have waited 33 years for.

This is also why people are rarely going write a review for their Dentist, Plastic Surgeon, Doctor, Accountant, Lawyers, etc…

Professional services are mere chores and lack lusters. Nobody really wants to visit a doctor or a lawyer if they don’t have to. Nor will they remember to write you a review unless you remind them to.

And this is why you must pro-actively ask and acquire reviews with…

The 3 Commandments to Getting Reviews

Commandment #1: Thy Shall Delight Your Patients

While you’ll probably not going achieve the status of Beatles, and none of your patients are going to secretly worship you. You must still do your best to delight and wow your patients.

It is much easier to ask for feedbacks knowing you have served your patients well. It is much likely for the patient to respond positively to your request if they’ve been delighted with your services.

Commandment #2: Thy Shall Guide Your Patients

Not everyone is tech savvy and not everyone knows that they can write a review for you on Google or Yelp. You must guide them and give clear instruction as to where you want to write you a review but also “how they can go about doing that”

Commandment #3: Thy Shall Reminded Your Patients

We all have busy lives and writing a review for their dentist are not going to be on top of their to-do list.

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating the process by calling them commandments. The exceptions to these commandments are of course the negative reviews, which does not need to be reminded.

Speaking of the devil, let’s discuss a very important topic…

How to Deal with Negative Reviews

“Any business which sues customers for having an opinion is one to be avoided at all costs, I would urge current clients of this dentist to go elsewhere! If the owner doesn’t like this comment they can sue me.”

John, Peterborough

Above is a screenshot of a comment taking from an article in dailymail.co.uk which titled: “Patient who posted bad review of dentist on Yelp sued for £125,000 by practice, with legal move slammed as being a ‘poor substitute for customer service’

Apparently, the doctors at B Dental had such a negative financial impact from a single negative review that they decided to sue Allison Dore the patient who wrote the negative review on yelp for £125,000 claiming her review was defamatory.

Without knowing who’s right or who’s wrong, B Dental’s attempt to vindicated themselves was pitiful and laughable at best. Instead of getting reimbursed for their financial losses, all they have gotten are countless of negative press attentions and the demise of their business.

And the moral of this story? Don’t let this happen to you…

Look, I know it’s the internet and once in a while you’re going to get a negative review for absolutely no reason. Perhaps it’s an angry patient who didn’t want to pay, perhaps it was some drunk kid leaving a random negative review, or perhaps someone has left the review under the wrong doctor with the same name.

Negative reviews are unavoidable, but taking legal action of any kind should be the last resort and only under the right conditions. But we’re in no way giving you legal advice nor should you take legal advice from us.

The best action is to take precautions and learn to deal with negative reviews the right way. Here are the ABC’s of how to deal with negative reviews:

Address the Issue: Your initial approach to dealing with negative reviews should always be addressing it head on. Do not address the issue online simply leave a reply that says

“We’re sorry for any misunderstand, at (your dentistry name) we pride our self on our customer service. Someone will get in touch with you today.” then call the reviewer to sort it out.

Burry the Negative Review: Overwhelm the one or two negative reviews with 30 positive ones. Having a few negative reviews amongst a sea of positive ones can actually create the perception of genuineness.

Call Out for Help: Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. Try telling your best patients about the negative reviews, you’ll find that many of them are willing to aid you in defending you with positive replies. Here is what you say:

“hey I got someone leaving me this negative review on Yelp, I would love it you can go in there and comment on their review.”

Leverage the Negative Review: If you know the review is a blatant lie, and there is absolutely no way to resolve this. Here is what you do… I call this the ninja review advertisement tactic.

Go online and leave a reply to the negative review… something along the lines of

we are sorry this patient feels this way, at our (your dentistry name) we hold the highest standard for (whatever treatment) and sometimes people get confused about the cost of the treatment. And we hope that this patient finds an ideal Dentist that he/she will love because that’s what’s important.”

By doing this, you’ve just turn the negative review into a positive advertisement. Anyone reading the negative review will also see that you have a high standard in regard to your treatments.

I especially love the last approach, such an elegant way of “killing two birds with one stone”.



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