Meet Signature Cosmetic Clinic

Signature Cosmetic Clinic is a multi location Medical Spa that is very well known within the greater Toronto area. Signature Cosmetic Clinic wanted to refresh their brand for a more professional medical look and increase their brand awareness as they expand across the GTA. Here is what we did to help Signature Cosmetic Clinic...

Brand Makeover & Website Redesign

We wanted to create an website that would truly express and demonstrate the premium services that Signature Cosmetic Clinic offers. To accomplish this, we completely build the site from the group up. For aesthetic we wanted to make sure we express elegance yet keep it minimalist and clean for the user. We architecture the navigation for maximum user experience. Finally, we increase the overall load speed of the site from 45 to 82 using Google Page Speed Insights to ensure maximum SEO effectiveness.

First Page Google Ranking!

We wanted to really increase Signature Cosmetic Clinic’s brand awareness for all 4 of its locations, to accomplish this we created a Content SEO strategy for both Google Local Listing as well as long tail organic search time.

8 Leads in 2 days!

To further help Signature Cosmetic Clinic we wanted to generate a lot of great quality leads quickly! And to accomplish this was to run an awesome Facebook campaign. The results of our Facebook campaign speaks for it self… in just 2 days and about $60 dollar in ad spending we were able to generate 13 + leads. That’s just about $6 dollar a lead!!!

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