Meet Neo Kitchen

Neo Kitchen, need to get more leads for their custom kitchen remodeling and custom cabinet design services. To accomplish this we setup a lead capturing landing page and ran both Google and Facebook campaigns.

Lead Capture Landing Page

In order to really help Neo Kitchen generate more leads we setup a brand new landing page specially designed to gather more leads for kitchen remodeling services. We used a variety of tactics to encourage leads to take an action as it was actually quiet challenge for their industry. We used countdowns, double popup, and even website chat function.

5 Email, 6 Phone Calls by Using Heat map

It was a pretty big challenge to acquire leads for Neo Kitchen. We learn quickly that they’re in an industry where leads come in pretty slowly. We had to use heatmaps to really figure out what their users were looking for. As a result we were able to generate 5 email submission, 6 phone calls, and 8 web live chat conversion in just 1 month.

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