Meet Markham Dental Smiles

Dr.Patsy Kwok open up her brand new Dental practice in Markham in late 2016. She was a dedicated, caring, and a superb dentist who has been practicing for more than 15 years with many royal patients, but she knew in order to grow her new practice she need to increase her local awareness...

Brand Makeover & Website Redesign

First, we help Markham Dental Smiles to redesign their website. We designed the website with two things in mind. We really wanted to reflect the personality of Dr.Patsy KOwk and the warmness feeling of her clinic but at the same time, we wanted to keep the design clean and professional. The second thing we wanted to do with to make sure that the layout, color, a design of the website will convert traffic into actual patients for her. We did this making the website SEO friendly, fast and conversion optimized.

20 + Keywords Ranked on First Page of Google!

SEO, or search engine optimization is a key for most local businesses. For Markham Dental Smiles it was extremely important for us to rank for the keywords: Markham teeth cleaning, Markham teeth whitening, etc… Ranking a brand new website is always a little bit more difficult but with a few tactics, we were able to rank Markham Dental Smiles for at least 6 important keywords locally in just under 4 months.

7 Calls, 30 Direction Request In 21 Days!

The key benefit of having a strong local SEO strategy is it works great for local professional services. With Markham Dental Smiles, our SEO offer resulted in 7 phone calls, 30 direction request, and 28 page view from Google Local listing alone.

34 Leads in 2 Weeks!

To further help Markham Dental Smile grow, we started a Facebook campaign to generate more new patients. In just 2 weeks, the campaign generated 34 leads at $10.76 per lead, and 130 website clicks at $1,89 per click!

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