Meet Lullaboo Childcare Center

Lullaboo Childcare Center is a multi location Daycare in GTA. When Lullaboo Daycare first came to us their challenge was to redesign, re-brand their website to reflect their unique brand proposition and distinguish them from their competitors. To accomplish this we...

Brand Makeover & Website Redesign

To help Lullaboo Childcare center to distinguish itself from all it’s competitor we really had to think hard and understood what made Lullaboo Childcare Center special and different. With some deep digging, we came up with 3 unique points. First, Lullaboo server 100% organic meals to all their kids. Two, Lullaboo had many extracurricular activities that their competitor simply don’t offer. Finally, Lullaboo provide ICare reports that is email to parents every day.

Apart from a brand makeover, we’ve also helped Lullaboo implemented a multi-location tour capturing system that will send tour requests to different locations. And a career page to accept resume and available positions and finally an interactive employees certification program.

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