About Us

Big Talk is a Toronto based Digital Marketing Agency who specialize in helping entrepreneurs and business owners to grow the business that they love. The agency is founder by Steve Yang and Sean Xu under the belief that executing a successful digital marketing campaign shouldn't be frustrating and overwhelming. Both Steve and Sean believes that the purpose of any digital marketing strategy should be to improve profit for the business owners. They also believe that a great business should be transparent and focus on their improving their customers life.

About Founders

Steve Yang

Steve Yang is passionate about technology, start-ups, and marketing. He has worked on many start-up projects and enjoys taking them from zero to one hundred. He is most sought after for his ability to bring together cutting edge technology and the art of design in a way that delights the users.

Sean Xu

Sean Xu is passionate about search algorithms, paid search marketing, and digital marketing. He has previously helped with companies such as Lysol, South St Burger, Motorola, Nintendo, HP, etc.. improve their online presence using this expertise in search marketing. He is one of the most sought after internet marketing consultants and search specialists in North America.

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