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The Only Thing We Do

At Big Talk, we only do one thing, but we do it well. Our only focus is to help you grow your business by providing you with great marketing to get more leads, customer, and clients into your business.

Sure we use all the fancy tools, you name it. SEO, SEM, PPC, Facebook Ads, etc... but to us they just tools in the grand scheme of things. We believe marketing is to increase the bottom line.

We're not here to win awards, we are here to deliver happiness to our customers.

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About Big Talk

Big Talk is a Toronto based Full Service Digital Marketing Agency who specialize in helping entrepreneurs and business owners to grow the business that they love. The agency is founder by Steve Yang and Sean Xu under the belief that executing a successful digital marketing campaign shouldn't be frustrating and overwhelming. Both Steve and Sean believes that the purpose of any digital marketing strategy should be to improve profit for the business owners. They also believe that a great business should be transparent and focus on their improving their customers life.

Happy Clients

"The service I have received from Big Talk Consulting has been extremely reliable and quick. I appreciate the fact that days and nights you guys respond to my many complaints and find permanent solutions quickly and efficiently. Exceptional service, keep up the good work!"

Sira Print Inc Rafik Farag - Senior Partner

"We are extremely happy with our website design, it is very easy to manage and has a clean layout. Big Talk Consulting was great to work with, Steve really listened to what we needed and designed a very ideal website for us. I highly recommend using Big Talk Consulting."

SOS Wildlife Control Sherwin - Owner

"Big Talk Consulting not only retouched our company home page but also developed our quotation web app that is easy to use and intuitive. Big Talk understands the importance of user experience."

Stone Hedge Financial Group Gary Goldschmidt - Partner

"Big Talk Consulting helped design and developed Lullaboo's website with creativity, speed, and professionalism. We couldn't ask for any more. They help to distinguish us from our competitor, and implement a multi-location lead generation process."

Lullaboo Daycare Halim - CFO

"I had worked for weeks with another Web developer and had gotten nothing but excuses. I reached out to Steve and within days I got website that I am proud to say represents me and my business very well. Steve was professional, clear with eveything, easily accessible, and patient. I look forward to working with Steve again on organic growth on Google and other search engines."

Karim Morgan LLP Karim Morgan - Partner

"Steve has redesigned our website and came up with a professional, contemporary, user-friendly, and easy to navigate website. His practical suggestions of changing the layout and adding features really make sense and even loads on your browser/tablet/smartphone much faster than ever before. We are totally satisfied with the new look of our website and we are excited to share this to our old and prospective new clients. During the process, he demonstrated exceptional service with prompt response to any concerns we had. Furthermore, Steve presented us with clear vison and practical marketing strategy based on the company information we provided to him. He was able present a realistic approach on how we could increase our clients thru proper social media exposure. We are seriously considering his strategy in our next phase of our project."

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